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NERv was co-founded by two University of Waterloo Engineering graduates who were determined to see that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication. Our growing team of engineers and surgeons is committed to achieving that goal by developing sensors and predictive models to detect complications at their onset. Post-operative recovery can be a stressful period and we aim to improve outcomes.

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+1 (877) 660-NERv 809 Wellington Street N, Kitchener info@ne-rv.com
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NERv joins Telus L-Spark’s Medical Accelerator Program

First announced in July, the six-month virtual accelerator program, which is now running, will provide business mentorship to accelerate the growth of the participating companies and facilitates relationships with healthcare organizations to provide feedback and help validate the companies’ solutions.

The chosen companies were part of a selection process that culminated in pitches to a 12-member selection panel.

In addition to mentorship and technical support, the program will provide a tech platform that allows entrepreneurs to advance the creation, integration, and commercialization of connected medical devices and associated software.

The program’s tech platform is aimed to securely connect medical devices from any location and make them immediately usable and remotely manageable. The accelerator will also provide startups access to tech support to help entrepreneurs integrate their medical devices and software solutions into the platform.