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    Production Associate – Co-op Student | Winter 2022

    Job Summary

    As a Production Associate, you will take a leading role in the continuous development, implementation, and improvement of NERv’s production processes from the beginning to end. This includes processes such as
    device assembly, device quality control, material procurement, inventory management, and product delivery. You will also take a central role in ensuring that NERv’s needs for devices for its ongoing clinical
    trials are fulfilled. This involves activities such as the planning, supervision and execution of production runs.

    For this role you should expect to work closely with the design and development team for the purpose of improving design manufacturability and scalability. You will also work closely with the quality team to make
    sure our production processes are designed and executed in compliance with regulatory standards. This position will require you to come into our offices located in Kitchener, ON.
    NERv’s move from design to production is at its early stages which provides a great opportunity for an eager hire to create significant impact and leave a real footprint.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Contribute to the development and improvement of NERv’s production and manufacturing processes while ensuring compliance to ISO standards for medical device manufacturing, in
      particular, ISO 13485.
    • Serve as a central resource for planning, supervision, and execution of production runs.
    • Analyse and optimize NERv’s assembly line design, facility layout, and process workflow for the purpose of maximizing production efficiency and yield rates.
    • Contribute to the manufacturing activities of NERv’s devices, assembly machines and fixtures, and device packages as per design specification and regulatory requirements.
    • Execute cost analysis activities on the device BOM and drive changes to bring costs down.
    • Design, develop and execute material procurement and inventory management processes.
    • Design, develop and conduct time studies and work simplification programs.
    • Conduct equipment and facility maintenance activities according to quality management standards.
    • Contribute to the design, development and validation of NERv’s device packaging.

    Required Skills

    • A bachelor’s degree in Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering, related engineering degree or in-progress is required.
    • Excellent project management skills.
    • Multidisciplinary experience in process or equipment engineering.
    • Familiarity with mechanical design using industry-standard tools (e.g. AutoCAD, Solidworks).
    • Familiarity with CAPA, lean/six-sigma, or other continuous improvement techniques is an excellent asset.
    • Familiarity with design for manufacturing, assembly and scalability principles is an excellent asset.
    • Knowledge of manufacturing and prototyping process (e.g. SLA, SLS, injection-molding, laser cutting) is an asset.
    • Ability to work in a high-pressure environment and constantly changing conditions.
    • Excellent written and verbal technical communication skills.