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NERv was co-founded by two University of Waterloo Engineering graduates who were determined to see that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication. Our growing team of engineers and surgeons is committed to achieving that goal by developing sensors and predictive models to detect complications at their onset. Post-operative recovery can be a stressful period and we aim to improve outcomes.

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NERv's Solution to Postoperative Care

Detect Anastomotic Leaks Before They Become a Problem

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    NERv’s smart monitoring helps detect early anastomotic postoperative complications. Platform sensing technology augments existing wound drains and catheters and delivers recovery data to healthcare providers. Find out how you can decrease surgeon’s response time, make patient recovery easier and save lives.

    The Problem

    For patients undergoing general surgeries, the worries are not over once a surgery is complete. Complications, such as leaks, bleeding, and infection, can occur during recovery. These complications require a timely response to prevent serious damage or death. In some cases, it can take 2-3 days to detect, which is sometimes too late.

    “Detection times can be reduced to a matter of minutes, and leakage-related surgical complications can be properly treated before they put patients’ lives in jeopardy.”

    – Dr. Joao Rezende-Neto



    Building Safer Surgeries

    With NERv’s smart monitoring system, early anastomotic leak detection is now possible. NERv’s system drives recovery using objective personalized, patient data, which aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospitalizations.*

    *Device is currently in clinical trials and is pending regulatory approvals.

    Data Driven Analytics
    Data-Driven Analytics

    Actively monitor patient status and analyze patient recovery.

    Continuous Analysis

    View your patient’s data and recovery quickly with an active dashboard.

    Plug & Play

    Seamlessly integrates with existing peritoneal drains and catheters with minimal training.

    Bedside Integration

    Data immediately pushed to a bedside monitor and Electronic Health Records.

    Latest News & Milestones

    • First announced in July, the six-month virtual accelerator program, which is now running, will provide business mentorship to accelerate the growth of the participating companies and facilitates relationships with healthcare organizations to provide feedback and help validate the companies’ solutions. The

    • NERv Technology (www.ne-rv.com) emerged victorious through three days of pitching against a group of 100 finalists at the Entrepreneurship World Cup Global Finals. The Canadian startup, an innovative monitoring system for post-operative patients that strives to ensure that no patient

    • NERv Technology, a healthtech startup with a sensory platform designed to detect complications following abdominal surgeries, has closed $1 million CAD in pre-seed funding. The funding was led by a number of physician angel investors, an undisclosed hospital, and Sunhope