About NERv

NERv was co-founded by two University of Waterloo Engineering graduates who were determined to see that no patient loses their life because of an undetected post-operative complication. Our growing team of engineers and surgeons is committed to achieving that goal by developing sensors and predictive models to detect complications at their onset. Post-operative recovery can be a stressful period and we aim to improve outcomes.

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+1 (877) 660-NERv 809 Wellington Street N, Kitchener info@ne-rv.com
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The Smart Catheter System

The Smart Catheter System

Plug & Play
Continuous Analysis
Bedside Integration

“Detection times can be reduced to a matter of minutes, and leakage-related surgical complications can be properly treated before they put patients’ lives in jeopardy.”

Data-Driven Analytics

  • Real-time continuous analysis allows for guided intervention
  • Adaptable to multiple medical fields
  • Minimal training needed

Proprietary Sensing Technology

  • Miniaturized to integrate tightly with catheter system

Active Dashboard

View your patient’s data quickly

Guided Intervention

Intervention based on continuous data flow

Surgical Timeline

Sensor history captured throughout recovery